The legendary CL7 is a private and secretive art dealer in the physical world who bridges the physical to the digital by developing his visions into digital art work for the strong communities of NFTs. He is a premier collector with over 5,000 NFTs on Nifty Gateway, and he holds some of the biggest grails in this space.

He is a specialist in French/Italian architectural antiquities from the 8th through the 12th century (the Medieval period) and the 15th century through the 18th century (Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Regency, Louis XVI original/authentic periods) including modern arts (Art Nouveau and Art Deco from Place Stanislas in Nancy city, Lorraine, East of France, corner of Switzerland country).

He studied at private schools at The Louvre Museum and The Drouot-Richelieu in Paris over 2 decades ago. His family’s business has a priority for high-end quality art and mid-long term excellent investments, including rare, unique and exquisite historical pieces.

CL7 is renovating a private museum in Lorraine, France, to bring exposure and authenticity to the NFT digital art world. The museum will consist of four floors including traditional, physical artworks and NFTs. The architectural foundation of the museum is a medieval structure built in 920-950AD, a historical part of the 700-person village where his lineage comes from.

CL7 is releasing his first curated drop on Nifty Gateway, The Legacy Collection, a two day event and tribute to Kobe Bryant. The collection goes live on what would have been Kobe’s 44th birthday.

About the Drop: 

As one of the largest NFT collectors and community supporters in the industry, CL7 introduces his first ever curated drop on Nifty Gateway, The Legacy Collection. 

An ode to Kobe Bryant, born out of honest connections and a true collaboration with deep roots, purpose and honor, the collection is being released on what would have been Kobe’s 44th birthday. 

This 2 day drop includes a 1/1 auction of a physical hologram, an open edition digital replica of Jeff Hamilton’s infamous leather jacket dedicated to Kobe Bryant (each also serving as a raffle ticket to win the 1/1 physical), and a 24 edition ranked auction of James Peter Henry’s artwork. 

A portion of primary market proceeds will be donated to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in the loving memory of Kobe and Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant. Additional proceeds will be used for building, supporting and maintaining the largest Kobe appreciation community in Web3.