Featured Artist: Chris Arvan

Chris Arvan, born in Detroit Michigan, began drawing at age 3 and playing guitar at 5. As he grew older his passion for music grew leading him to move to Los Angeles, at the age of 18, where he played lead guitar in multiple bands. Soon after he became interested in music production working with major labels. During this time he became involved with drugs and alcohol, forming a dark addiction which he struggled with for years. Fortunately, he recovered and has remained sober since.

For the next 10 years he worked in music for high-end advertising companies, was involved in several successful movies and began licensing his music to films and shows. Despite his achievements in this industry he began to feel like he was losing his connection to who he was as an artist, working more on serving the needs of others versus being independent and creative. 

In 2017, Arvan was diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss, diaplacusis and hyperacusis leaving him to suffer with catastrophic hearing loss. He spent the next year wearing earplugs everywhere he went. Feeling isolated and disconnected he turned to his other creative outlet, visual art, to cope with his devastating situation. During this period he experimented with painting, digital art, motions and graphics ultimately developing his own unique style. Eventually Arvan tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy and after a year of treatment about 85% of his hearing returned. As his hearing recovered Arvan began to compose music again, exploring the combination of orchestral music and rock. A few months later he composed music for the official trailer of 1917.

In early 2021, Arvan discovered NFTs via Clubhouse and became enthralled with the concept. He first dropped in April 2021 on OpenSea  and has not stopped since. Arvan states that despite creating a lot of work over the last 15 years he hasn’t released much of it due to various reasons but specifically due to the paradigm found in the industry. Arvan states that, “NFTs have renewed my interest in actually putting my work out there. I started last year with my visual artwork and will be moving more into music and the combination of the two later this year.” After 35 years of mastering his musical and visual skill set, mainly self-taught, he is excited for what the future with NFTs will bring. 

Chris Arvan is currently being displayed at The Crypt Gallery in NYC and LA at Dream Downtown and Dream Hollywood

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“I would say the one thing that I cannot live without is music, but I somehow did for a few years when my hearing was gone, so I guess I can live without it, but man it is the thing that makes life worth living for me … and art is the same.”

-Chris Arvan