King Of Midtown

Digital art collector, curator, community builder and innovator

“As an early collector in the space, my vision for the digital art community was to implement it in a large physical and global footprint. In doing so, I founded The Crypt Gallery, world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry. One main goal I focus on while curating includes representing a diverse lineup of artists and introducing many of them to a new platform. Aside from artists gaining visibility and a new audience, I also like to give collectors access to artists they may not have been familiar with, but I personally believe in and have invested in. Previous curations include artwork from GLOS, Jesse Draxler, Rey, Brendan North, Ayla El Moussa, J Marino, Tishk Barzanji and more. All curations and live drops are displayed IRL at The Crypt Gallery, adding to artist’s exposure and creating a new way to experience the digital marketplace.”

Within the past year, The Crypt Gallery has created two permanent and bi-coastal locations at Dream Hollywood + Dream Downtown. Large scale curations and gallery takeovers have been hosted at these locations for Trevor Jones, Ice Cube, Silly Gabe, Liam Payne, Zedd and Micah Johnson’s Aku. Some additional partnerships include creating main showcases for Christie’s Auction House NYC and Infinity Art + Tech Festival. 

KOM Memberships

King released a two tiered membership, art created by Tillavision, to further build a supportive community and explore the various possibilities of utility tied to NFTs. The open edition drop broke records by selling 7,117 memberships in 10 minutes.

Although open to multiple interpretations, the membership was inspired by King’s personal journey throughout the space. The lower tier membership uses a baby to illustrate King’s start as a smaller collector learning the industry, while the higher tier depicts how he quickly matured into the collector he is today. The unidentifiable characters suggest that others can also identify with a similar narrative. Emphasizing two tiers aims to celebrate the process of growth and the importance of having different sized collectors in the industry. The depiction of young and old also signifies the future of NFTs and the next generation’s upbringing in a revolutionary world.

Membership proceeds are redistributed back into the community by funding upcoming projects and events, attracting media attention to the space and providing utility focused around IRL and digital experiences. The goal is to increase exposure to the mainstream audience and help the industry continue to gain momentum, ultimately benefiting everyone involved in the digital art ecosystem.

For more information on KOM membership perks visit our Discord.




Founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, the Big3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league consisting of 12 teams whose rosters include former NBA and international players. During the 2022 season, Big3 revolutionized the professional sports industry by integrating blockchain technology. By offering tiered ownership access through NFTs, the league released 375 editions of Gold tokens and 25 editions of Fire tokens. 


voting rights towards team actions 

priceless game day experiences + VIP tickets to all games 

 limited-edition team, league, and championship merchandise and memorabilia 


exclusive intellectual property and licensing rights to team names, logos, and merchandise as well as additional game day activations 

12 teams = 12 communities: 

King of Midtown x 3’s Company

Gary Vee x Triplets

DeGods x Killer 3s 

MyDoge x Aliens 

Krause House x Ball Hogs 

Snoop & Ken x Bivouac 

Moonbirds x Tri-STate 

WAVE x Enemies 

The Whitelist x Power 

Unlike the NBA, Big3 does not associate each team to a location or major city (ex: LA Lakers, NY Knicks). This allows for communities to organically form based on player/team performance and overall engagement with fans. Naturally, as NFT ownership was released, communities began to purchase and represent each of the 12 teams. Ownership announcements by Gary Vee, Snoop Dog, Moonbirds, MyDoge and other well known individuals/pfp based communities was announced.

3s Company x KOM: Representing the art sector, King of Midtown acquired ownership of 3’s Company and aims to integrate NFT capabilities into multiple aspects of the league including physical merchandise, community interaction, and KOM membership perks. Turkish sculptor + artist, Emre Yusefi, created ‘Mighty Ball King’ (pictured above) to celebrate KOM Ownership and the launch of his collaboration project with StudioBigger, Mighty Hercules. Acting almost like a mascot, we once again see the power art has in bringing a community together while also captivating a curious new audience. 

Captain: Mario Chalmers (previously on the Miami Heat) 

Co-Captain: Michael Beasley (previously on the Miami Heat) 

Co-Captain: Brandon Rush (previously on the Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz, and Minnesota Timberwolves) 

Player: Julian Wright 

Player: Derrick Byars 

Coach: Michael Cooper