The Crypt Gallery is the world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry. Currently located at Dream Hollywood in Los Angeles and Dream Downtown in New York City, guests are able to visit 24/7 and experience digital art in an entirely new way. 

Aiming to bring the digital marketplace to life, our goal is to create interactive and memorable in-person events and experiences, while educating and onboarding a new audience. We believe the first step in this onboarding is to bridge the gap between digital and physical, while representing NFTs in a high traffic and trending location.

Aside from onboarding and growing the industry, we also use our platform to give back and benefit the existing community. Building a physical home and providing new levels of exposure to artists, collectors, communities and the industry as a whole – The Crypt Gallery can easily be called The People’s Gallery.

In addition to our physical locations we also:

  • Participate in pop up activations, festivals and events
    • First ETH based auction for Christie’s Auction House NYC
    • Main showcase at Infinity Art + Tech Festival in Hollywood, California
    • FutureShape360 in Denver, Colorado  
  • Provide advisement to Web2 brands looking to transition into Web3
    • Chevrolet + Corvette 
    • Lincoln
    • Dream Hotel Group
  • Manage and advise both new and existing artists in the space
  • Onboard, curate and release art drops on multiple marketplaces (both as The Crypt Gallery and King of Midtown)
    • Nifty Gateway
    • NINFA.io 
    • SuperRare Space
  • Advertise, promote and provide marketing support to artists/communities/collectors/projects (need to purchase Display Ownership Tokens to qualify)
  • Attend panels and conferences to share valuable insight and bring additional attention to the event
  • Host full gallery takeovers, custom showcases/curations and/or events at our location(s) for a collection or project. Please contact us at thecryptgallery@cryptgallerynyc.com for inquiries
    • Trevor Jones, Ice Cube, Silly Gabe, Liam Payne, Zedd and Micah Johnson’s Aku



Tommy Polihronopoylos

King of Midtown

Founder and CEO of The Crypt Gallery

As an early collector in the space, King of Midtown had the concept of bringing NFTs and the digital marketplace to an IRL (in-real-life) and mainstream location. With the aim of educating and providing mass exposure to the NFT community as a whole, he specifically targeted the hospitality industry. As founder and CEO of The Crypt Gallery, King has established himself as a well known leader, curator, advisor,  community builder and innovator in the space. With a record breaking membership drop, KOM has built a global community and recently purchased 3’s Company, a team in the BIG3 league founded by Ice Cube.

Vasia Makris


Co-Founder and COO of The Crypt Gallery

With a background in education, Vasia Makris was first introduced to NFTs through an early collector and personal friend, King of Midtown. While having the ability to watch him organically build both his collection and presence in the industry, Vasia continued to learn more and saw both the benefits and inevitable merger of blockchain with our daily lives.

At the time of post pandemic reopening, King noticed the need to pivot a fully digital industry and had the vision of bringing cryptoart to an In Real Life (IRL) experience. Partnering up, they created The Crypt Gallery, world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry. 

As Co Founder and COO, Vasia Makris has taken the lead in building and executing many of the key initiatives, partnerships, activations and programs at The Crypt Gallery. She continues to participate in community building, project management, web2 and artist advisement, curations, and more. She has participated in multiple panels including NFT NYC 2022 and is featured in multiple podcasts as a female leader and innovator in the industry.