King of Midtown’s First Nifty Gateway Publisher Drop

September 23, 2022 // 6 pm est

Featuring Anita Sadowska + Zak Tustont

King of Midtown is back with his first official Nifty Gateway Publisher drop featuring photographer Anita Sadowska and artist Zak Tustont. Drop goes live September 23 at 6 pm est on Nifty Gateway.

Anita Sadowska

Anita Sadowska is a professional swimwear and beauty photographer currently based in New York, but traveling between Bali and Europe. She runs an educational Youtube channel about photography that has gathered over 130,000 subscribers and accumulated over 7 million views over the course of three years. Anita shares her technical knowledge as well as her experience of working in the fashion industry for over ten years.

Previous Artwork

Sold for 2.5 ETH
Reserve 3 ETH
Won for 2.5 ETH

Zak Tustont

Zak, born in Canada and raised in a small town on the east coast of the United States, started his artistic journey through music. He began playing in bands and writing music at the age of ten. He began doodling and painting out of necessity, to help his hyperactive imagination. Zak came into the NFT space in February of 2021 when Jeremey Torman was searching for an audio designer to collaborate with for an upcoming piece. “Knock” sold for over 4 ETH and hooked Zak into this new world of art. Since then Zak has successfully dropped on SuperRare and Foundation, most notably for his Meta-Garbage collection.

Previous Artwork

Sold for 3.3 ETH
Won for 1 ETH

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