November of last year, The Crypt Gallery introduced Nifty Gateway collectors to Alan Bolton, a multidisciplinary digital artist. To celebrate the anniversary of his genesis drop on NG and reward current collectors, we are excited to welcome Alan back for this exclusive collection. 

Centered around time, these artworks capture Alan’s relationship with time and his awareness of how important the present moment is. Reflecting on the past year, we would like to emphasize how important and valuable, yet also completely abstract, time is. Many in this community may have experienced how incredibly quick, and potentially overwhelming, the nature of this industry can be. Constantly moving, there is a tendency to overlook the present and focus only on the future. Yet, events and moments in the present dictate what tomorrow will bring. Within one year, many things can be accomplished and changed, yet in many ways we find ourselves standing in the exact same place we started. With this collection, The Crypt Gallery would like to remind everyone the importance of growth, perseverance, appreciation of the journey and, above all, remembering and rewarding those that genuinely supported and continue to HODL. Because without these individuals, no amount of time would help or lead to success. 



Drop Mechanics 

Alan Bolton Collectors on NG include holders of 

Flow State (previously dropped with The Crypt Gallery) 

Among the Gods

Connection (still available!!!)

Unity (still available!!!)

New Artwork

The Progress of Existence (Animated work) 

Edition of 30 

6 – 6:30 pm est: $1 DRAWING Open to Alan’s Collectors (pieces listed above) 

6:45 – 7:45 pm est: $99 FCF (if available) Only King of Midtown Gold + Platinum holders (2 gold / 1 plat for access) 

8:00 pm est: $299 FCF general public (if available) 

Presence (Still Image) 

24 hour Open Edition

$10 exclusive to King of Midtown Gold + Platinum holders (2 gold/1 plat needed for entry, multiple purchases allowed) 

Purchase King of Midtown Gold + Platinum Memberships here

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