Famous for his work on comics such as Wonder Woman and other iconic
modern Marvel and DC superheroes, Jose Delbo released the first ever original NFT comic in 2020. Pioneering comics into a new medium, Death…No Escape marks a historical moment. Since the original launch, Delbo has collaborated with other well known artists in the space and continues to release original comic fine art.

In collaboration with King of Midtown, Delbo’s work will be available for the very first
time at The Crypt Gallery as a free live mint of a limited 20 edition “Classic” piece
depicting his iconic character, Death. The release and minting of the piece will happen
on Nifty Gateway during the Crypt Gallery event. 9 of the 20 total editions will be available in Los Angeles during part one of KOM’s tour, while the 10 remaining editions will open in NYC this April.

Guests at the events will have exclusive access to enter for a chance to win one of five
editions being raffled away in person. The remaining four editions will be raffled digitally to reward Delbo’s existing collectors on Nifty Gateway as well as King of Midtown Gold and Platinum membership holders. To enter the digital raffle, holders must verify eligibility by completing the tokenproof form below.

Winners for both raffles will be announced after the event night